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J&B Stripping LLC services include parking lot and pavement striping and traffic stenciling, finishing your parking lot with clearly marked parking stalls, directional arrows, and “no parking” areas. Employing the best available equipment and most durable paint striping products, this J&B Striping service enables the efficient use of your parking lot space and ensures smooth traffic flow, improving the overall positive impression of your parking lot.
Seal Coating
Once the lot is crack filled, we proceed to apply federal grade emulsion sealer to the parking lot surface. Sealcoating beautifies and protects asphalt pavement for a fraction of the cost to resurface with new asphalt.
Crack Filling
Patching potholes and filling cracks keeps your parking lot in optimal condition and prevents further deterioration.
Lot Preparation
When we arrive on site the first thing we do is take a high volume parking lot blower and clean the lot as best we can. If there is excessive dirt areas we will shovel and broom it to clean it as best we can.

J & B Striping, LLC

Total Parking Lot Maintenance
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